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Re: Lynnie stopping in

Tue Feb 02, 2016 10:57 pm

Hello Lynnie! Liv here; it is nice to meet you! :wave:

I love your layouts and want to encourage you to continue pushing that mojo back to the frontal lobe! We have so many talented layout artists here but we are always on the lookout for more-the more the merrier as they say!

I hope to become well acquainted with you too-I wasn't at DSP but I'd like to be 'in the loop!'

Thanks for stopping in!

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Re: Lynnie stopping in

Wed Feb 10, 2016 6:29 am

Tbear wrote:The invitation to post in the CSI thread is still open. hint...hint.

The commenting rules are more relaxed than the CSI of DSP. You can actually use the :like: button as an option. :yes:

And we chat in there just as often as we post a layout :lol:

I was going to ask how one would go about using the LIKE button, then I saw it there, big as life. I don't think I've actually ever looked over there before, as I seldom use Smilies. :confused:

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Re: Lynnie stopping in

Wed Feb 10, 2016 2:15 pm

Join us at CSI, Moog! We would love to have you come chat with us and post your wonderful layouts!

No one has to post a layout at CSI in order to post comments there. And if we're lucky that you did post a page, then the only requirement is that the layout creator comment on the other layouts posted that day. Easy peasy.

There's a new thread for each day so it is simple to see who posted and to join in :yes:

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