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Forums: Turn Your Layout Into A Link To The Gallery

Tue Aug 19, 2014 2:43 pm

How to make your layout thumbnail a clickable image to the gallery:

[STEP 1:
Open your gallery. Once your layout is in your gallery, right click on its small thumbnail and choose "copy"
(OR left click on the thumbnail to make it big, then right click on it and choose "copy")

Go to the forum where you want your layout to appear and choose "Post Reply"

Click the Img option box located on the Reply box menu bar.
Now you should see two "img" formats appear in your reply with a blinking curser in the middle.

Paste your thumbnail where the curser is blinking.


The result should have the img code at each end like this:

Code: Select all


You can preview what your message will look like at this point by clicking on the "Preview" box below.
You should see your thumbnail image.

Now let's turn this thumbnail into a clickable link to the gallery.

Go to the beginning of the code and type [url=

Go back to the gallery. On the blue taskbar is a small, white, square-shaped icon - click on it.


Under the layout will be the path to the file - copy it.

File information.jpg
File information.jpg (128.74 KiB) Viewed 620 times

Return to your code in the Reply box in the forum.

Paste the link you just copied immediately after the [url= that you typed in Step 4.

Type a closed bracket right after the link you just pasted. A closed bracket looks like this: ]

At this point your code should have the added url and img like this sample:

Code: Select all


Step 6:
At the very end of your code, type [/url]

Your finished code should look similar to this:

Code: Select all


Preview your code and make any corrections if necessary.

If you have any questions or need additional help or information, please PM Tbear.

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