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Scraplift Information

Sat May 30, 2015 10:56 pm

Welcome to the Scraplift Challenge

Every layout in the Scrapbird gallery is a source of inspiration.

Some background info: Years ago before I was "brave" enough to upload my scrap layouts to a website gallery, I would roam through galleries and pick several layouts that I wanted to try copying. It was a wonderful way to learn.

I still use a similar method if I'm in a scrappers' block/slump or just want to try something different or improve my own technique.

Scraplifting is its own art forum.

The object is to start with an inspiration from someone's layout and then make it your own.

In this challenge, we're going to focus on different aspects of copying, lifting, and learning how to turn inspiration into your own creation.

Some months we will be focus on something specific and other months it will be a more free lance style.

For purposes of this challenge:
If you copy a layout then please give credit to the creator by stating, "A copy/lift of (creator name and layout title here)"

If you used the layout for only an inspiration, please give credit to the creator by stating, "Inspired by (creator name and layout title here)"

At any time, if you have a question "How did they do that?" please use that month's thread to ask your question.

The best way to learn/improve/grow in scrapping is from each other!

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